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Auto insurance report National Conference May 5 to 7 2019 Palm beach
November 1 signup
IFM Conference San Diego March 10 through 13

I spoke with one of their sales reps. There are two services that offer what we’re looking for:
  • Best’s Insurance Reports which provides a database of all ‘Rating Groups’ as well as the individual state subsidiaries. This data is designed for prospecting and includes an advanced search capability that allows us to search for groups and affiliates by a range of dimensions. It costs $1715 per annum alone
  • Best’s Insurance News and Analysis is their ongoing news website that also includes Best’s research reports. We can have both BIR and BINA bundled for $2,480 per annum
The subscription includes one customer login. I didn’t investigate additional subscription costs, I think one is enough for our purposes.
The Rep included two examples of BIR (the Best Credit Reports) and two of BINA (The Market Segment Reports). which should be attached to this Email if you want to peruse.

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