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Pre-existing Damage Detection & Prevention

Up to 30 percent of vehicles presented on new applications have some type of pre-existing damage. Many are revealed on claims filed within days or weeks of a new policy being issued. Some are ‘held back’ and pad later claims so as to minimize deductible payments. idMobile discourages both such behaviors by capturing multiple, high quality images of each covered vehicle from the customer’s own mobile device prior to binding. The financial impact can be both immediate and dramatic.

An example of how idFusion services can be configured to deliver this value is below:

idFusion idFusion receives carrier-supplied application and third party data via one or more web service calls during active transactions. idFusion applies advanced entity resolution solutions to resolve identity, address and other possible data conflicts, and then fuses new information with carrier history to drive a resolved customer identity and data set for further analysis.
idResolve idResolve is invoked when an application meets carrier-defined criteria that a photo set is required of a vehicle, person, document or other asset. The customer is informed of the requirement, and asked to provide a mobile phone number. The customer then consents, and receives a text to initiate a secure authentication process via their mobile device.
idMobile idMobile is a mobile web application that – when the authentication process is completed – walks the customer through a sequence of required images and responses before allowing the customer to proceed with a purchase. As images are captured, they are instantly analyzed to confirm their completeness, quality and accuracy. When the process is completed, the customer is permitted to complete the application on the mobile device or return to their original device to complete the application and purchase process. All images and session status are stored in the mobile app so that the customer may return to complete the process at any time from the point where they paused the effort.
idWorkbench idWorkbench is updated with images and documents captured on every quote & policy. It also generates alerts that photos are available for impacted vehicles when related claims arise. Customers may review or export images and related device metadata about quotes and policies with images at any time via custom and standard reports. Customers may also search the network for any VIN that may appear one multiple quotes, policies or claims to identify those with photos.


• 30% of direct business has prior damage
• Dissuades false claims & fraudsters
• Significantly reduces single vehicle claims in first 90 days of new business
• Evidence for injury claims (prior impact) and claims padding (for later claims)