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idMobile™ - Automatically captures authenticated and secure vehicle, document and other images with accompanying location/device metadata from customer mobile devices during active customer interactions


idMobile™ enables carriers to authenticate customer mobile devices and request images of vehicles, documents and other assets before allowing customers to purchase a policy or process a change. Images are ‘scrubbed’ via AI services to confirm the images are complete and accurate – and are returned to the carrier with a wide array of device metadata.

How does idMobile improve carrier performance?

• Significantly reduces pre-existing damage claims and limits future claims padding risk

• Supports customers unable to upload documents from a PC/laptop

• Enhances or enables advanced user authentication processes

• Enables rating address verification

• Identifies serial applicant and ghost broker risks at device level

• Supports supplemental user questions via Boolean rules engine

• Powers customer experience personalization

• User-customizable image manifests, messaging and presentation formatting

• Virtually un-spoof-able – images MUST come from the customer’s mobile device camera

Prevents customers from completing purchase until requests are fulfilled