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idNetwork™ - Dynamically identifies risky associations and risk patterns in a carrier’s social network of persons, places, vehicles and organizations/providers across time, policy lifecycle events and transaction types


idNetwork™ is idFusion’s advanced graph (link analysis) solution suite. It fuses customer lifecycle information into a highly scalable enterprise graph solution suite that powers mass analysis of risk patterns, and deep analysis of individual risks.

How can carriers benefit from idNetwork?

• Identifies known fraudsters and related entities during live transactions and continuously thereafter

• Supports active intervention solutions at POS, endorsement and claim

• Advanced timelining solutions enable passive and active monitoring of policy and loss development patterns

• Enables powerful active investigation, graph reporting and risk scoring

• Supports machine learning algorithms for advanced risk detection solutions, and drives idFusion’s idResolve, idQuoteMonitor and TrustMark risk scoring solutions.