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idQuoteMonitor™ - Identifies and calls out customer rate evasion risks at POS and endorsement.


idQuoteMonitor enables carriers to identify anomalies within and across quotes, policies and claims data that suggest rate evasion. Integrated with other idFusion services like idResolve, idNetwork and idGetData to remediate risk issues or prevent issuance.

How can carriers benefit from idQuoteMonitor?

• Identifies the up to 10% of applications that contain rate evasion or related fraud indicators at POS

• Leverages carrier and third party web services to identify serial applicants and policyholders where driver, address, and demographic representations are inconsistent

• Engages customer in active dialog about the identified risks and enables resolution or discourages/prevents current and future fraud attempts

• Reduces loss ratio and prevents premium leakage that may exceed 5% of first year NPW