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idResolve™ - Drives automated SaaS-based fraud intervention solutions during live customer transactions


idResolve™ is a highly configurable, flexible and powerful fraud intervention service that is invoked when fraud rules are triggered or suspicious entities are detected during a customer, call center or agent online session via a web interface. idResolve is the key gateway to engaging in online interactions with agents, customers and call center personnel to resolve risk issues.

How can carriers benefit from idResolve?

• Automatically launched – as iFrame or web window - when specific risk conditions identified at POS, endorsement or claim

• Launches idFusion or third party risk solutions during live transactions to resolve issues

• Controls workflow until risk conditions are satisfied – preventing issuance of suspicious applications/endorsements and flagging suspicious entities for monitoring and conditional action

• “Invisible” to customers – configured using carrier stylesheets and color palette

• Enables addition, modification and testing of new fraud rules, scripts and resolution processes without incremental carrier IT costs