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idRulesEngine™ - powers fraud risk alerts at every stage of the policy lifecycle.


Fraud risk reveals itself in data in many subtle ways. Current application behavior. Prior policy behavior. Claims experience. Billing behavior, and more. And these views of fraud risk also manifest themselves differently in the agency channels than in direct business, in new business vs. old business. And in different types of coverages, too. idRulesEngine enables carriers to design, test and deploy complex risk rules sets based on their own experience for specific types of customers, channels and transactions - using conditional/Boolean logic – with little or no IT involvement or investment.

What are the Benefits?

• Enables customers to select from a library of existing risk rules for rapid launch of idFusion services

• Empowers customers to create their own risk rules based on experience, ongoing observation or book studies indicating new risk indicators – and deploy or modify almost immediately

• Allows carriers to choose when, where and how to resolve the resulting alerts – manually by an agent or underwriter, automatically in an idResolve session or through a defined cross-functional escalation procedure

• Simple to test, modify and implement new risk rules without impacting carrier core systems or requiring additional IT or software investments

• Many new rules can be added by customers without IT or VeracityID support by using our self-service rules creation module