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idStormWatch™ - enables carriers to limit or prevent new business and endorsements during one or more crises via a single, simple user interface.


Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Floods. Fires. Riots. These events cause immense pain and suffering to impacted persons. But they also tempt some to take advantage of tragedy to acquire new or upgraded insurance coverages in anticipation of imminent loss – or to pay for losses already incurred. And that is not buying insurance – it is attempting to commit fraud. It is essential that carriers prevent or at least limit such changes during the course crisis events – across all channels, 24/7 for the duration of the event, and until the crisis event has passed and changes can be legitimately processed.

What are the Benefits?

• Enables customers to prevent or limit new business and endorsement active in any channel where a web browser is employed

• Offers carriers opportunity to design and deliver customized messages about the event, the carrier’s moratorium decision, and instructions about how to proceed when the period ends

• Enables carrier to precisely control moratorium period(s), limitations/restrictions on activity and geographic locations where restrictions are imposed

• Able to manage multiple moratorium events simultaneously