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Profit Improvement for Homeowners

idFusion unites the entire organization around the "Power of Now"

Quote Manipulation

Application change monitoring, multiple submission detection, connected application detection and targeted attest collection that deter and delete manipulation.

Undisclosed Driver

Continuous quote monitoring, prior policy tracking, prior claim analysis, actual driver analysis, missing node prediction, idGetData, prefill and targeted attest collection to deter and defeat undisclosed driver misrepresentation.

Identity Verification

Application personalization/ selfie image capture, shared connection detection, targeted attest collection to deter and eliminate identity misrepresentation at POS.

Garaging Verification

Geomapping & GPS, photo analysis, targeted attest collection, multiple address detection and reconciliation, 2nd home services that detect and deter likely garaging misrepresentation at POS.

Enhanced Underwriting

Anomalies trigger additional questions, customer interaction paths, requests for information, pictures, validation via mail/email, other user defined friction to resolve issues before binding at POS.

Pre-existing Damage

Image capture for higher risk persons, vehicle types, garaging types, high-risk neighborhoods, young drivers, vehicles with prior accidents at POS.

High Risk Scores

VeracityID applies AI/Machine Learning methods using customer attributes, history, behavior and past results to predict losses from claims and early cancellation. Eliminates excess losses, unpaid premium, UW and LAE costs at POS.

Deceptive Use

Detect high risk of property use other than stated on application. For example, rental, empty, commercial use.

Claims File Prep

Accumulates a comprehensive file on an existing risk that is available to Claims and SIU to speed resolution and lower costs at claim and in investigations. This is particularly true for catastrophic risk situations.

Commercial Use

Detect high risk of commercial use, utilize images and image collection to evaluate at POS
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