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How to fight fraud and please sales at the same time

One of the biggest issues in insurance fraud prevention is managing error rates. The goal is to detect as many of the frauds hiding in the quote/application stream as possible. But this must be balanced against the risk that false positives will drive away good customers.
The devil is in the Type 1 (false positive) and Type 2 (false negative) error details. Fraud fighters can increase the ‘tightness’ of their business rules to minimize the chance of missing a fraudster only at the cost of increasing the number of good customers who are mistakenly turned away. It’s a tough trade-off but we have developed a solution in our idFusion fraud management platform that allows carriers to substantially reduce false negative errors without losing good customers.
idResolve – our highly flexible, real time, in transaction intervention solution – allows carriers to instantly reach out to customers/agents and resolve false positives, putting good customers back on the path to coverage while causing the dishonest to abandon. Because of this, carriers can tighten their rules to minimize the undetectable false negatives and then using idResolve, sort through and recover the resulting large number of false positives. By doing so we can maximize fraud reduction at the lowest possible cost to customer conversion.

Why is this? When a customer who is attempting fraud is challenged by idResolve they almost always abandon their session, seeking a less observant carrier. On the other hand, when a customer simply makes a mistake they don’t abandon. Instead, they welcome help to correct the error. Indeed while we haven’t fully tested it, we believe that the best customers actually will be more satisfied with carriers that help them get their details right at the point of sale.

So a major advantage of idFusion over simple “one and done” data panels or black box fraud scoring systems is the ability to radically reduce the error rate by constructive, real time interaction with customers.

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