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  1. Large addressable market with a big problem – 15% of premium in Auto Alone
    1. Workers compensation is next US market
    2. VA interest – Joe Robles relationship
  2. Validated by sophisticated players at Met
  3. Solution not a tool
  4. Enterprise ready:  almost no “software debt” (administration, workflow, reporting, security all enterprise quality).
  5. Much of it built originally for DoD – losing solution for “continuous monitoring” at Feds
  6. Creator is a guy with a sterling track record: Oracle on Demand, Corio (IBM on Demand), Arcsight (HP 1.5BB)
  7. Solution provider is a guy with a brilliant reputation as a big data Analyst. Roomie at Chicago.
  8. Other key owner had to step out for personal reasons but used to run Booz and then DT Banking practices. Started with me at Chicago and PW.
Investment status
  1. Monta Vista partners putting in $750,000 from their fund
  2. In due diligence now.
  3. Committed a minimum of another $250,000 from their limited partners
  4. Total raise: $3 million
  5. Soft close: $1 million
  6. Indus Angel Group
  7. Looking for $250 to $500 from sophisticated investors who can help us 
  8. Valued at $7.5 premoney.  
  9. First customer generating minimum $840,000 next year – less than half of what it’s worth. $300,000 in January
  10. Go to market is proof of concept -> batch workbench -> real time 
  11. Second customer quote: $250 ->60cents/ per policy per year->15cents more per policy per  year (> million policies)
  12. Third cutomer quote:  $250 to $500 ->70cents/policy per year -> 20 cents per policy per year (>million policies)

Top big data plays have $10 million or less in total venture equity raise to sale or public offer

  1. What we need:  want extra dollars from friends to strengthen our position with follow on VCs. They threw us a curve with the 750 v. 1 million…need to get 250 ourselves.
  2. Looking for a soft commitment right now – ideally before 11/30 
  3. Send an email to CEO indicating intent to invest
  4. Want influential people who can have an impact
  5. Valuation will double with second paying customer
  6. Will double again with third customer.
  7. This could easily be our only funding round.
  8. Funnel
  1. Similar to Shelter, only 3x the size
  2. Shelter story

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