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The "Corporate App" path to high impact information services

The concept of the “Corporate App”

What VeracityID has done is create, in effect, a “Corporate App” for Auto Insurance. You no doubt are familiar with iPhone or Android Apps:

· Relatively small pieces of software focused on well-defined problems.

· Combines both code and domain expertise.

· Easy to implement.

· Aren’t ‘production’ applications in that they don’t affect the core processing of the device.

· Links with and takes advantage of device resources to complete their focused task.

That’s what the idFusion Auto Insurance Solution does for Carriers:

· Focused on a well-defined problem: the 20% of premiums due to fraud and errors.

· Embeds significant auto insurance fraud expertise.

· Months rather than years to implement.

· It’s not a production application – no impact on ‘systems of record’.

· Leverages existing internal and externally acquired data resources.

We are taking the core idFusion functionality and combining it with other vertical domain expertise to create similar Corporate Apps for Workers Compensation, Home, Small Business and other segments. Each of which can be implemented and used separately while leveraging the same core idFusion functionality and overlapping data models. The result: Simpler, quicker, more impactful solutions for carriers in the places where they need them most.


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