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Watch Out for Wolves Amongst the Sheep: Both Good & Bad Risks Are Shopping 

Carrier renewal rates are down according to P&C Specialist – another alarm bell for insurers. Costs are shooting up, customers are getting sticker shock, and they’re starting to shop around. There’s only so much pressure they can take before curiosity or necessity kicks in. Rate hikes are the obvious short-term fix, but for long-term success, carriers need to get proactive about spotting both the bad and the good – avoiding the worst and keeping profitable customers for the long haul.

Data is Key: Finding the Right Fit –

Price comparison tools have changed the game. Pinpointing your ideal long-term clients requires seriously advanced analytics. Forget just plugging in the usual factors – demographics, driving history, etc. Carriers need a partner to help them build better predictive models, dive deeper into the data, and find those subtle patterns that indicate both low-risk clients and those to be avoided with a ten-foot pole.

Let’s get creative – app-based tools and active engagement – anything that gets customers sharing info (with their consent, of course) – can be golden. You might uncover those hidden risks and boost engagement – that’s a win-win.

The Price-Shopping Influx: Protecting Your Bottom Line –

When a competitor’s rates spike, you might get some new business, but watch out for opportunists. It’s time to scrutinize those applications closely: Do past claims match up? Are there undisclosed hazards? Fraud detection tools are invaluable here – a strong partner can assist in spotting red flags. Temporarily tightening underwriting with friction at POS? Sometimes that’s your smartest play to avoid ending up with an influx of high-risk clients.

It’s not just about rate adjustments. These smart risk strategies offer broader benefits:

  • Happy Customers Stick Around: When premiums match risk level, nasty surprise hikes are less likely. Good customers stay put.
  • Profitability = Flexibility: Fewer unexpected claims keep things financially healthy. That gives you room to adjust rates competitively and win more business.
  • Bad Risks? No Thank You: Minimizing those unprofitable policies protects everyone in the long run. Less money wasted on payouts means a stronger insurer.

It’s likely rate adjustments are here to stay – at least for a while in 2024. But carriers willing to invest in clever risk discovery and assessment? They’ll have the real edge in this ever-changing market.


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