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How it Works


Fuses and organizes carrier data into a complete customer view

idFusion provides a common and comprehensive policy life-cycle view of customers, including profitability. It makes collaborating with other functions easier and much more productive. We’re finally all on the same page.


Provides a user composable platform allowing non-IT staff to quickly develop and deploy POS solutions.

idFusion allows business users to rapidly operationalize underwriting automation without the need for costly, time-consuming programming changes to core systems.


A toolkit of applications, preconfigured solutions and productivity aids designed to help underwriters and related functions accelerate change.

idFusion provides a hub where the various functions can collaborate using the same data and tools  to find, value and deliver new value creating solutions at the Point of Sale. And do so without needing to make costly and time consuming changes to core and POS systems.

Integrated Suite of Tools

Detects and resolves critical P&C Risk selection, underwriting productivity and cost challenges. 

Includes the API hub to speed the integration of 3rd party data and solutions

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