AI Detection of Vehicle Damage from idMobile Image Capture

What is idDamageDetect ? 

idDamageDetec™ is an AI/ML-enabled tool that reviews and detects damage on the exterior of vehicles from secure images captured by the idMobile image capture mobile web service.  When used for suspicious risks at POS, idDamageDetect eliminates pre-existing damage claims by identifying any damage and its location on the vehicle prior to issue.

Why Do I Need This Tool?

idDamageDetect eliminates pre-existing damage by enabling a ‘virtual inspection’ prior to issuing a policy.


How is idDamageDetect Delivered? 

idDamageDetect is a SaaS subscription service and offered in two versions.

  • Bundled with ‘the idFusionTM Enterprise’ suite of services. It lets users select when to request images at quote and endorsement.
  • Delivered as a standalone service that can be called manually or via a web service call from a carrier core system.
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