Automated SaaS-based fraud intervention solutions during live customer transactions

What is idResolve?

idResolve is a highly configurable, flexible and powerful fraud intervention service that is invoked when fraud rules are triggered or suspicious entities are detected during a customer, call center or agent online session via a web interface. idResolve is the key gateway to engaging in online interactions with agents, customers and call center personnel to resolve risk issues.

How is idResolve Delivered? 

idResolve is offered with the idFusion platform as a subscription service to insurance carriers. idResolve may be delivered as: 

  • A component of a limited version of idFusion focused exclusively on new business risk detection. Complementary components include idQuoteMonitor, idGetData and idFetch™. 
  • A component of the comprehensive idFusion solution – capturing legacy and live policy data – to manage lifecycle fraud risk at the policy, channel, customer, geographic, line of business and inter-book levels using the complete suite of VeracityID tools. 


Case Example

How a Top Auto Carrier Turned Its Direct Business Into a Money Maker – Winning in the Direct Channel

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