Structured Data Analysis Services for Insurers

What is idAnalyze? 

idAnalyze is a powerful analytical toolkit that delivers powerful querying and analytical capabilities to idFusion customers. idAnalyze allows users to extract and analyze very large data sets drawn from carrier core systems and fuse them with almost any other internal (e.g., departmental or spreadsheet data) or external (cloud based) data set into a robust distributed database environment.  Using a Jupyter Notebook toolbox and a range of analytics tools (e.g., Python, R), a data scientist or analyst can quickly run data extracts & analytics, power machine learning services.  And it’s fast. This approach allows customers to develop, schedule and automatically distribute customized reports to other idFusion users and executives – and drive results.

Why do carriers need idAnalyze? 

Today’s auto insurance business decision maker needs instant access to financial and operating information – whether processed in real time at POS, within customer or product market segments or in support of reporting and anomaly detection efforts across time and books of business. idAnalyze allows users of any skill level to extract and organize data from policy, claims, billing and other systems without data extract or scripting skills, and to download it into macros and scripts in other applications like Microsoft Excel


How is idAnalyze Delivered? 

IdAnalyze is offered as a subscription service to insurance carriers and bundled with every version of idFusion. 

Case Example

VeracityID Helped a Major Auto Carrier Reduce “Undisclosed Driver”Rate Manipulation – Reducing Rate Leakage

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