AI/ML-Powered Capture and Analysis of Insurance Documents

What is idDocReader? 

idDocReader is an AI/ML-powered tool that captures key information from insurance (e.g. Letter of Experience, Declaration Pages) and other types of risk-verification documents (e.g. drivers license, vehicle registration, address verification). idDocReader can be invoked automatically at POS to validate a questionable detail or document as a key risk assumption

Why do I Need This Tool?

Underwriters have a host of time-consuming exceptions to manage – with more constantly emerging.  The result is that they are unable to adequately address many types of exposure – they simply don’t have the bandwidth.  In combination with idRuleBuilder and idMobile, idDocReader eliminates time consuming document review tasks and drives more accurate and complete underwriting of risks.


How is idDocReader Delivered? 

idDocReader is a SaaS subscription service and offered in two versions.

  • Bundled with ‘the idFusion Enterprise’ suite of services. It lets users select when to request images at quote and endorsement.
  • Delivered as a standalone service that can be called manually or via a web service call from a carrier core system.
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